Believe harmony is.

Full moon in Libra April 11, 2017 @ 2:08 am at 21.33 degrees.


“Libra 22: A child giving birds a drink at the fountain”

Under this chewy, stewy cosmic climate, so much is going on and not a lot of it is harmonious.  Venus is meeting Chiron in the sign of the sub-conscious, Mercury is retrograding back into sign-of-me Aries, Saturn is retrograde through justice-seeking Sagittarius, Mars is pushing boundaries in Taurus, and Uranus/Eris is still hot in union in Aries, loosely squaring destructive Pluto in systems-oriented Capricorn.  The influence of the Pluto/Eris/Uranus square is still in evidence if you read the news or even enjoy a social media squabble from minute-to-minute.  There is a lot of masculine posturing going on, and this is most apparent on the global stage:  US/North Korea/China/Russia/ etc.   Pressure is up, and this full moon’s energy is attempting to bring a little selfless generosity to the table.  The lower register of this energy is a lot of “talk” that is not harmonious and productive.  During this energy, it is important to remember that Libra is the sign of diplomacy, and the Libra moon is absorbing all of the antagonism between the signs of Capricorn and Aries, and suggesting that a little honey-before-vinegar energy will be more powerful than threats and blame-gaming for our collective consciousness right now.

Who do you not get along with?  What perceived blockage is holding you back from what you need?  Who or what won’t see you as you long to be seen?  Are you seeing them as you would like to be seen?  How are you addressing this imbalance?  This lunation encourages us to see any hindrance or enemy as a blessing that needs water.  Can you assume your obstacle is your ally and feed it openly during this transit, rather than throwing tinder onto a fire?  Sit with any blockage as a good friend, someone who wants to see you triumph, offer it the floor.  What does it need to say?  Or perhaps can you see it as a part of your own being needing a bit more compassion?  Libra energy is asking you to harmonize:  head and heart, soul and body, life receptor and life source.

Swim as one with your own planetary body, and make any adjustments internally that rise to your awareness in this time.  As your spaceship finds attunement, spaceship Earth can find greater attunement as well.

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