Client Feedback

“I signed up for the Lunar Dreaming Workshop with Shannon and Caroline because I knew nothing about Astrology and thought it would be a fun way to expand my journeying skills.  I wasn’t expecting the wealth of transformative information I received.  This series of two weekends really aided me in understanding how I can use astrology and dreams to connect with my spiritual guides and better align myself with my true life’s purpose.  Shannon’s visionary and dream interpretation skills coupled with Caroline’s vast astrological knowledge made quite a dynamic duo!   The love and nonjudgmental support provided by these ladies in this environment allowed me to explore and connect with guiding energy in a way I could not have done on my own.  Big two thumbs up!”  ~ BT

“Astrology has always fascinated me, but its complexities completely “fry my brain!”  I’ve had many an interesting astrological reading that never translates into practical application for me.  Caroline’s intimate knowledge of each of the astrological energies and her magical vocabulary of spot-on metaphors actually makes sense of houses, trines, nodes, squares, etc.  When she does her magic with my own unique chart it gives at least a reasonable explanation, and most often a clear focus for action especially when what she is talking about is the energy of an outer planet that will take months or years to complete.  Whenever Caroline is doing a workshop and I am in town and healthy, I will be there.  The subject doesn’t matter:  it will ALWAYS be interesting and fascinating.”  ~ MH