Some like it hot. Aries Venus Direct.


Congratulations!  You are so becoming.
Tomorrow is officially the day that Venus returns full force into the sign of identity, a new day, and new desires.  If things continue to feel emotionally like a great big do-over from February 1st, now is the opportunity to actually roll the hill to the top and to make something you really want for yourself stick.  Perhaps it was the wrong hill, maybe the wrong rock.  You’ve had time to assess the mechanics, the terrain.  Here comes clarity.
Be prepared to roll that rock until late May, when you should finally feel a sense of accomplishment.  Venus is ready for you to make your magic wish again, this time with emotional clarity.
Mercury is forming a retrograde conjunction to Uranus, planet of “what-the-h!?”  on this day as well.  Brainstorm.  Let the mind catch up over the next few weeks and watch things fall into place, both mentally and emotionally, over the next month.  Uranus conjunct Mercury is an open window, access to the higher mind, a sweetly disruptive gale.
Cheers to the Aries spring-clean,

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