• Written Natal Chart Reading and Consultation

This entails a deeply prepped, 15-18 page customized natal reading with an inclusion of Chiron, the karmic lunar nodes, and key upcoming planetary transits, as well as a 2-3 hour consultation for a guided review of one’s chart      $200.00 report and consultation.*

  • Written Transit Annual Reading/Chart Update and Consultation

A customized 10-13 page written report of planetary transits affecting your chart for the year ahead/years ahead with long-term planetary shifts.  Will include inner planet transits of the year, retrograde cycles, and major outer planetary aspects affecting your natal planets.  Includes a Google Map with all dates for reference.   $125.00 report and discussion.*

  • Astrology Tutorials and Personal Training Sessions

I am happy to work in individual or partnered sessions for astrology instruction.  Basic topics covered range from an introduction to the planets, the twelve zodiac signs, the significance of the houses, natal aspects, complex natal configurations, planetary transits, and the significance of the lunar nodes.

$75/individual for 1.5 hour session

The format of the class depends on the individual.  We will work with your natal chart as a guide.  I will suggest reading/s based on each client’s learning style.  This is not a reading; this is teaching you to read and tend your own chart with an eye towards learning how to read others.

  • Formal Astrology Instruction in small classes

A foundations course is in development.  Watch for a new Home Page Menu as this arises.

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