Astrology is a language.  If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.

– Dane Rudhyar

Astrology activates individual potential by illuminating the unique role one is called to play in highest harmonization with the universe.  One’s birth chart reflects a soul contract, and a reading of it affirms challenges and gifts brought forward in this incarnation.  As planetary transits ignite natal energies in one’s chart, patterns emerge providing opportunities for breaking unhealthy behaviors and honoring one’s higher frequency.  Some of the most challenging transits one goes through are the greatest growth opportunities in this life.  Astrology helps broaden one’s perception of self, of circumstance, and the power one has to grow beyond perceived borders.  My interest took hold in 1998, igniting a life-learning practice that has brought humility, direction, and compassion into my life. The deeper my cooperation and participation in the flow of universal order, the more empowered and vital I feel on planet Earth.

Reading and interpreting charts since 2005, I am honored and gratified each time an individual entrusts me to have a conversation with her or his birth chart. Beyond individual readings, I am committed to teaching clients integrative practices that permit astrology to influence their lives in meaningful ways.  Astrological awareness can also reinforce other energetic and spiritually-oriented healing modalities, becoming a powerful tool on one’s path to harmony and balance.

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