Taming our Basic Instincts

Full moon in Virgo March 12, 2017 @ 10:54 am at 22.13 degrees.2051940_1c6cf08d98

“Virgo 23: A Lion Tamer rushes fearlessly into the circus arena”

This is an interesting extension to last month’s full moon in Leo; whereas last month’s moon fell at the degree of the bareback rider, we return to the circus this month, now casting a spotlight on the lion tamer.  What does this mean?  Whereas last month we were all energetically encouraged to stick our neck out while controlling our instincts, this month, we are being called on instinct control while we focus on faith amidst a circus-like environment.  Both final winter moons call on self-control and self-mastery.  The distinction is that the Virgo moon calls for precision and forethought amidst the nebulous waters of a Piscean sun.


The extraordinary buildup of planets in Pisces:  the sun, Neptune, Chiron, the asteroid Pallas, and Mercury make waking life far more fantastical than our dream world.  It is likely under a Virgo moon that life’s details will get hammered out in sleep rather than in waking time.  We are called to navigate these cosmic, healing days with control and care that we see reality for what it truly is, our projected fears and dreams.


The sun raises our conscious awareness, Pallas is the asteroid that develops our ability to see the patterns of our lives, offering wisdom in that knowledge, and Chiron is the wound-bearer.  This is a big week to meditate on breaking bad habits, for seeing the patterns of our lives in greater clarity;  it is also a time for learning from our mistakes in order to evolve.  If you can see repeated themes in your life that are inhibiting your soul development, now is the time to respond differently to old triggers.  Because change is on the horizon, let it begin with your own evolution.

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