Reality Check, Please

Full moon Penumbral Eclipse in Leo February 12, 2017 @ 6:34 am at 22.27 degrees.


“Leo 23: A Bareback Rider of the Circus Displays Their Dangerous Skill”

Tonight’s imperfect alignment of the earth, the sun in Aquarius, and the moon in Leo force a reconciliation of the way we navigate these energies in our lives – like a tightrope walk.  Earth is crossing the polarized path of ego expression and gratification vs humanitarian ideals and brotherhood tonight, as we struggle to reconcile the energies unleashed under the Aquarian new moon of January 27th at the degree of “A flag is seen turning into an eagle.”  The last two weeks have brought ideology center stage in American politics; Trump’s unbridled ambition to force his American vision has wrought ideological crises to almost everyone living on this planet.  Curiously enough, his likely downfall will be his own ego:  his obsessive need for attention and credit will be the unraveling of his case with the Supreme Court.  Trump had to let everyone know why he was doing what he did – ‘to cater to Christians, to fulfill his promise of a Muslim ban.’  He is now being called to account for his own words, to learn that what you say and what you do are all part of the same thing, and he will be learning this lesson all year, until he either learns it, gets thrown out of office, or worse.  He is an active and un-ignorable metaphor of this crisis we are all experiencing, to varying degrees, in our own lives.  Where does our sense of higher order get undercut by self-interest?  Where do we have to grow up in our chart?  Where do we have to accept greater risk?  During these Leo eclipses, we are having to learn how to mature into adult creators.  It is a time of risk, yes.  But it is a time of ethical risk that requires total acceptance of its consequences.

Leo loves fantasy and drama.  Aquarius favors truth and logic.  During this eclipse, we are all sorting theatre from reality, truth from headline, and we are coming to terms, collectively, with the danger of unchecked ego-stroking and over-zealous ideology.   People are being forced to recognize that individual desires can unleash realities that are way more disruptive than they bargained for.  There is also a growing recognition that no matter how the energy falls out for our futures, we all must abandon any false dreams that change is going to come without realistic sacrifice.  Otherwise, we are doomed to fight over each like cannibals.

Fortunately for all of us, some stability is on offer under this full moon in the unusual bond of two planets inherently disagreeable:  Saturn and Uranus are in a trine pattern, sending conservative and progressive thinking, in equal measure, to the pattern of our individual and collective lives.  Saturn in Sagittarius wants conservative, reasonable responses from us about our higher consciousness.  What have we learned from the past?  Sagittarius is the sign of ideology, and Saturn will call anyone out who is playing fast and loose with it at this time.  Uranus wants evolution of identity, here; Uranus is seeking advancement of the highest mental vibration.  If Aries is the sign of the warrior, Uranus in Aries is the sign of the humanitarian warrior.  The drums of change are growing stronger, and this time we enter is one of action, restructuring, and renewal.  Childish attitudes must be put aside; the purest form of adulthood is on order.

The beautiful news is that we are entering the magic of eclipse season.  Come February 26th, we experience the Piscean solar eclipse at the sign of Pisces 9:  The Race Begins:  Intent on Outdistancing his Rivals, a Jockey Spurs his Horse to Great Speed.  Despite the frenetic depiction, this is the sign of courage, foresight, and endurance.  We will all be fueled with determination and competitiveness, but victory is embedded in planning and commitment; this is not going to be a dash.  Whatever change you are stirred to create requires patience as much as zeal.

This February lunation is a good time to acknowledge our egos, to recognize what roles we may be acting out, to demand the curtain calls or else get thrown off stage, and to pray for higher truth and self-awareness to guide us into the next act.

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