Fire Rooster

As we enter this new lunar year today, Mars enters Aries, igniting fires in all of our identity “cabinets.”  Where do you have Aries in your chart?  That house will be lit up this spring.  While we each navigate inner adjustment, we must accept the truth that America is in its own identity crisis at the moment, entering a stage of development that brings breakage and release, a burning away of falsehoods in service to cleaner and clearer relationship with truth.  The stakes are high and Mars-Aries is ready to fight for a new way.  What will a post-empire America look like?  What will your life look three, five years from now?  Three to five months from now?  Time to get straight with ourselves.  No more sideshow distraction.

*Hours after writing those words, Donald Trump unleashed his newest attack on democracy. He is a wildfire.  I should note,  we all are; as of Sunday the 28th, the planet of attraction is also entering the shadow of this spring Venus retrograde.  With Mars in Aries and Venus entering its four month transit through the sign of Aries next week, Donald Trump is declaring war on the world.  And it begins with a war on and in America.  Make plans for a messy four months.

Over the last year, I made a point of not studying the politician’s charts, and only now can I engage with Donald Trump’s birth chart and transits in any detail.  His chart is wildly troublesome, for him, and in relation to the chart of America.   We are all students and teachers here as he navigates painful opportunities for personal growth in a disturbingly self-unaware way.  If you want to know what it looks like when your chart is offering you lessons, and you refuse to humble yourself to them, here you go.  Fighting growth creates chaos.   Remember, astrology reveals life patterns as invitation for response- in this present moment.  We always have the choice to hit “repeat” and react to those patterns with self-destructive habits rather than humbling ourselves to a higher path of responding.  Trump’s infatuation with the past demonstrates how static toxicity devours our spirits and bodies.  As we respond to him, we must remember the higher way, and not react but respond from a position of love and faith in our own higher purpose.  If we have been divided, here may be the devil who draws us together.

I link to this  beautiful blog by astrologer, Jessica Murray, who details Trump’s aspects, America’s nervous breakdown, and our “collective identity in active decay.”  It is an eloquent meditation for us all.

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