The Wolf Moon

Full moon in Cancer January 12, 2017 @ 6:34 am at 22.27 degrees.

“Cancer 23: The Meeting of a Study Group or Literary Society”

Hello 2017.  We enter this shifting landscape with a powerful full moon in its home sign, Cancer.  Cancer is lunar energy, emotive, sensitive, protective, and intuitive.  It is the cardinal yin energy of water, a container of our instinctive being.  This full moon can provoke nervous energy as the moon is reflecting Capricorn solar rays, the task-oriented disciplinary energy we also possess.  Cancer energy absorbs and transmits directives and intellectual processes into feelings.  This sun moon opposition is aptly described as a “study group” as the moon is receiving information from all corners of our night sky. A grand cross or diamond pattern is at play involving two outer planets of change and maturation:  Pluto, the regenerator and Uranus, the disrupter, are in Capricorn and Aries respectively.  Across the sky in Libra dwells the planet that infuses us with uninhibited growth potential, Jupiter.


These heavy hitters in cardinal corners are lighting us up; cardinal energy is initiative.  We are being granted an alchemical starter kit for the new year, offering our psyches the mandate to learn, to grow beyond perceived limitations and comfort zones, and to make new things happen that innovate and evolve the human project.  All of this is being asked for.  Cardinal energy requires appropriate action, and we will be tested on what is appropriate this spring with the cardinal sign of Aries being lit up for four months.  Under this same full moon, our yin and yang personal planets are making their voices heard in the sign of spiritual surrender, Pisces.  Mars is forming a supportive trine to Pluto, softening our aggressive energies while Venus is forming a conjunction with Neptune in the same sign, opening our spiritual antennae to receive any sensory wisdom trying to reach us.  Both planets also reach out to the moon.  This is a lot to emotionally process.  If we appreciate how integral our individual actions are to the larger pattern, we can honor and elevate others’ energies this year as well.  Next week, Mars makes a challenging square to Saturn and any aggressive impulses we may have will get checked by the planet of conservation in the realm of justice.  Saturn will check any non-appropriate action that tries to cheat its way out of the starting gate.


Needless to say, there is a lot going on.  This January moon is a good time to center, to allow our etheric bodies to expand, to harness the lightning-like energy that is cracking our self-perceptions open, to feel anchored to the earth as we shed a protective layer that is no longer of service to us, and above all, to honor our intuition and to allow ourselves to be guided by our wisest inner knowing.  Trust is called for here, but this full moon is integrating earth, air, water, and fire in service to inner realignment.  If you sit still long enough, you will hear yourself growing.

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