Happy new year!

As we desire to lean as far from a challenging 2016 as possible, it is worth remembering to calibrate our energy and return to our cores at the turn of the calendar year.  2017 comes with its own opportunities and challenges, best met when we are aligned with our physical and spiritual centers.

2016 found me invited in a million directions, and I am making the necessary adjustments internally.  I am committed to monthly forecasts and reflections here in 2017, likely coinciding with each month’s full moon cycle.  If you’d like to stay updated as we navigate headstrong fire energies in 2017, join me here.

If you’d like a year ahead report, I am creating them now.  Each is custom to its user, entailing a 12-15 page written report and a face-to-face consultation that cover the year’s upcoming Mercury and Venus retrograde cycles, transits of all major planets in your chart, and a look at the upcoming eclipse cycles as well.  Fee for the printed and in-person reading combined is $75.00.

We earthlings are diving in to personal and collective restructuring.  My wish for the new year is that we all sit sweetly in our individual process, stand openly in our highest intentions, and be gentle with others sharing our path.

Love and peace through our unfolding,


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