Building and Breaking

pexels-photo-372153We arrive at the hot mess of this high point of summer with heavy things on the mind.  What matters most in the balance of your life?  What are you willing to release in order to reclaim some freedom and room to grow in the right direction?  The Capricorn/Cancer axis is alive with power struggles and emotional turmoil, internal and well, just read the paper.

The truth is we are all trying to determine what needs to be dissolved, destroyed, repaired, or resurrected in order to move into a higher, more loving state of being.  Systems in our lives that are corroded have to be dismantled.  Can this be done through love or need it be done with banners and spears?  We will find out over the next year ahead.  Lines are being drawn and the issues are crystallizing.  Under this energy, insecurity reveals itself as authoritarianism, and if you find yourself trying to control another person, ask yourself how else you may be using that energy?  squirrel-112727_1280

Mercury is also retrograde in Leo heading back into Cancer, and you may feel extra sensitive and unclear in the days ahead.  Take it easy.  What feels urgent can wait for action until August.  Inaction can be the most powerful form of action.  Sit with what feels wrong, sit with what feels right.  Just sit for a moment and experience.

The rest of your life depends on the choices you are making over the next six months; Capricorn and Cancer reflect our ambition, our need for privacy and retreat.  Our need to feel safe and productive butts up against a need to be “in charge” and “in control”.  What does love mean?  What does possession mean?  How do the two get confused?


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