I and Thou

Full moon in Aquarius August 7, 2017 @ 2:11 pm/et.

“Aquarius 16: A big business man at his desk.”

This full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius reflects a culmination of energy that began as far back as 1998, when a lunar/solar, Aquarian/Leo, eclipse pairing mirrored the exact degrees we are experiencing this month.  This energy is all about self-expression and the ways the individual brings her gifts forward in service to the collective.  There is a balancing act to be performed in all of our lives between shining our individual lights and serving the greater good; for the last 19 years, this growth cycle has brought us all to a place of conclusion with regard to such choices.  One might ask:  How can I get my ego out of the way while looking at the big picture?  What is my purpose as part of one collective being, and how does that purpose bring creative joy and fulfillment to my individual soul?

Whatever process took seed in August of 1998 is up for review.   Wherever you have the Leo/Aquarian axis in your natal chart is the place to take stock of your growth, lessons, and change.  During this particular Aquarian eclipse, Mars is aligned with the Sun in Leo, making egotistic impulses glaringly bright.  This provides a good mirror through which to reflect on our desire to be seen versus our desire to serve.  What is winning out in your life right now?  What use is it to attract attention if it does not reflect our highest impulses?  Combining the cool-headed, collective nature of Aquarius with Leo’s capacity to inspire through personal bravery, take a minute under this moon to consider how you fit into the community, how you function as a part of the collective organism in this world.  Where does ego get in your way?  And, how would your highest self like to guide this collective as part, not driver, of our vehicle toward evolution?  The Aquarius/Leo axis teaches us that the most unselfish thing we can do for the collective is to tend to ourselves quietly.  No tip jar…

This is challenging inner work that is easy to avoid; under this energy, we can get sidetracked by the shallower natures of Leo and Aquarius:  drama and rebellion.  If you find yourself wanting to tip over apple carts this month just to get a rise or make your point, think about what could use rearranging internally that will protect you from such oversensitive reactions to outer stimuli.  There will be plenty of outer stimuli to provoke.  Aquarius moon asks you to have the power to be you without need for applause, praise, condescension, or competition.

Peace to all that,


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