Flower Power

Full moon in Scorpio May 10, 2017 @ 5:42 pm at 20.24 degrees.

“Scorpio 21: Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders.”

This Sabian Symbol is appropriate for the full moon that coincides with the Venus retrograde resolution of spring.  This entire spring has been challenging our individualities; our identities have been under a thorough review, and we are now in a space to release that which is not in align with our inner voice and sense of purpose.  Scorpio energy is about palpable power dynamics, and it is about the ability to penetrate calm surfaces to get to the heart of any matter creating dis-ease down below.  This full moon in Scorpio invites deep clearing with the aid of laser-sharp intuition.  The combination of this full moon with transiting Mercury conjunct its higher-octave, Uranus, in the sign of Aries calls to mind the Ace of Swords.  Clarity of mind, heart, and soul is available now.  Be careful with the sword of truth.  Questions to consider during this transit:  are others’ expectations of me in alignment with my inner truth?  Where do my deepest allegiances lie, and what in my life is not honoring them?  Where in my life am I being challenged to stand my ground and uphold my values, and against what or whom?


This is a lunation calling for bravery, inner morality, faith in one’s individual conscience, and accepting the consequences of aligning with one’s truth.  Put another way, what choice do you face that contains a cowardly, or soul-stilting option?  What makes the cowardly option appealing?  What makes it an impossible thing to surrender your destiny over?


This may feel like a lonely transit, but a breakthrough in perspective is also graspable and can bring the liberation you seek.


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