Feeling Hawkish

red-tailed_hawk_with_moon_over_estero_bay_ca_-_composition_red-tail-moon-composite-2630s_2832366091329Under the fumes of the Gemini new moon, restlessness has set in.  I spent the last 24 hours feeling artificially hurried and motivated at the same time.  Hello Gemini burst.  Hello brainstorm.  When Gemini energy has no creative outlet, anxiety erupts.  Worse, yet, aggression.  But the urge to do everything at once can be paralyzing.  If you are feeling this way, what do you do?

I have a list in my computer called “Cleaning List”.  It was not intended and the name serves no good reason, but I keep what I call aspirational items alongside tasks and am at peace with moving items down the line and altering them when I cannot get things done.  But, in Gemini moments like these, the list becomes an anchor.  Panic.  Put it on the list.  Repeat.  Just as I was set to go to the university office this morning, I sat down and began knocking things off of my digital cleaning list at home.  Best laid plans.  And I wasn’t going to accomplish this blog.  It wasn’t on the list.  But as I prepared to stand and leave the house, a red-tailed hawk dramatically touched down on the power pole twenty feet from my window, just so we could share a breath, gaze eye to eye.

Hawks are busy birds.  Keen-eyed, intelligent, focused and skilled hunters.  My neighborhood development has uprooted their natural habitat, and I have watched with admiration in the way this territorial bird has adapted.  We are all in acute adaptability mode these days, and Gemini energy infuses us with curiosity, agility, and a homeopathic dose of paranoia if we permit it.  What is the creative project calling you toward focus right now?  More likely there are two.  What active meditation is called for to keep you from running off rails?  Venus joins the sun in Gemini just after Mercury dips into Cancer this month.  Time to say yes and yes also, this and that, please.

Cheers to the changing winds.


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