• Written Natal Chart Reading and Consultation

This entails a 10-15 page printed natal reading with an inclusion of Chiron, the karmic lunar nodes, and key upcoming planetary transits, as well as a 2-3 hour consultation for a guided review of one’s chart      $150.00*

This chart reading and consultation is offered at $100.00 for prior participants of the “Lunar Being Awakened” workshop.  For details, see below.

  • In person Chart Reading Consultation

A conversation about your natal chart, your natal chart and transits, and/or your solar return chart without the written accompaniment. $50.00/hour

  • Transit Reading/Chart Update and Consultation

A current written report of transits affecting your chart for those who have had a chart read by me and want an update.  $50.00

In order to complete a natal chart, I will need the client’s birth date, birth time, and birth location.

  • Elements of Astrology Workshop

If you would like to delve into a deeper understanding of astrology but don’t know where to begin, I  offer introductory classes to small groups.  Using your natal chart as reference and teaching tool, the course will include an introduction to the twelve zodiac signs, the planets, significance of the houses, elements, and natal aspects as time allows.  I will need your birth chart information upon registration so I may bring a copy of your natal chart to class.  Class size is limited to 6 participants.  Fee is $50.00 per individual.

  • Astrology Tutorials

I am happy to work in individual or partnered sessions for astrology instruction.  Basic topics covered range from an introduction to the planets, the twelve zodiac signs, the significance of the houses, natal aspects, complex natal configurations, planetary transits, and the significance of the lunar nodes.

$50.00/individual for 1.5 hour session

$30.00/individual for 1.5 hour partnered session

The format of the class depends on the individual.  We will work with your natal chart as a guide.  I will suggest reading/s based on each client’s learning style.

Work to be held at Heart Path studio on Fridays or elsewhere on other days scheduled.


In-person session     $50.00

Astrologically-guided reiki session      $75.00

This type of work is guided by transits affecting your natal chart.  For this, I also need your birth data to review your chart prior to the session.

To schedule an astrological reading or reiki session, please contact me at

Your Lunar Being Awakened:  Dreaming with the Moon

Private/Semi-Private Sessions, co-facilitated with Shannon Willis, M.Ed.

Dreaming is a natural expression of your lunar self. So, how does the moon’s placement in the sky each night mirror and direct your inner dream work?

Shannon and Caroline offer a 4-week sequence of multi-dimensional session work that combines the healing modalities of Reiki, psychopomp, (insert other things relevant here or delete or amend) and shamanic journeying with astrology and guided dream tending.  During each four-hour session, intentional journeys to each house of your birth chart activate and clear karmic residue, releasing blockages, clarifying and realigning you to your true north and life path.  In short, astrological dream journeying is transformative work; for this reason, partnering with a friend is an intimate way to experience your birth chart fully and manifest the guidance on offer to you in the sleeping world while holding space for another on his or her own unique path.   This process will also allow you to cultivate a unique visual lexicon providing a framework for tending dreams in collaboration with the lunar calendar, deepening your self-awareness as you learn to use astrology to enhance your dreaming and waking lives.

Cost per participant:  $400.00, for 4, 4-hour sessions over the course of a lunar month.

To schedule this workshop, please contact Shannon Willis at