• Written Natal Chart Reading and Consultation

This entails a 10-15 page printed natal reading with an inclusion of Chiron, the karmic lunar nodes, and key upcoming planetary transits, as well as a 2-3 hour consultation for a guided review of one’s chart      $150.00*

  • In person Chart Reading Consultation

A conversation about your natal chart, your natal chart and transits, and/or your solar return chart without the written accompaniment. $50.00/hour

  • Transit Reading/Chart Update and Consultation

A current written report of transits affecting your chart for those who have had a chart read by me and want an update.  $100.00

In order to complete a natal chart, I will need the client’s birth date, birth time, and birth location.

  • Astrology Tutorials

I am happy to work in individual or partnered sessions for astrology instruction.  Basic topics covered range from an introduction to the planets, the twelve zodiac signs, the significance of the houses, natal aspects, complex natal configurations, planetary transits, and the significance of the lunar nodes.

$50.00/individual for 1.5 hour session

To schedule an astrological reading, please contact me at