Flower Power

Full moon in Scorpio May 10, 2017 @ 5:42 pm at 20.24 degrees.

“Scorpio 21: Obeying his conscience, a soldier resists orders.”

This Sabian Symbol is appropriate for the full moon that coincides with the Venus retrograde resolution of spring.  This entire spring has been challenging our individualities; our identities have been under a thorough review, and we are now in a space to release that which is not in align with our inner voice and sense of purpose.  Scorpio energy is about palpable power dynamics, and it is about the ability to penetrate calm surfaces to get to the heart of any matter creating dis-ease down below.  This full moon in Scorpio invites deep clearing with the aid of laser-sharp intuition.  The combination of this full moon with transiting Mercury conjunct its higher-octave, Uranus, in the sign of Aries calls to mind the Ace of Swords.  Clarity of mind, heart, and soul is available now.  Be careful with the sword of truth.  Questions to consider during this transit:  are others’ expectations of me in alignment with my inner truth?  Where do my deepest allegiances lie, and what in my life is not honoring them?  Where in my life am I being challenged to stand my ground and uphold my values, and against what or whom?


This is a lunation calling for bravery, inner morality, faith in one’s individual conscience, and accepting the consequences of aligning with one’s truth.  Put another way, what choice do you face that contains a cowardly, or soul-stilting option?  What makes the cowardly option appealing?  What makes it an impossible thing to surrender your destiny over?


This may feel like a lonely transit, but a breakthrough in perspective is also graspable and can bring the liberation you seek.


Schools in for Summer!

Here comes summer school:

2-month foundation class in astrology

Astrology Arts:  Foundations

Level One:  Vocabulary Lessons = $160.00/individual, 8 2-hour class meetings

Learning any new language takes practice, community, and commitment.  This intro-level astrology course explores its foundational aspects through an exploration of language components:  the sun signs, the planetary bodies, and the houses of the astrological chart.  This course provides the structure for students to practice mastery of these entities before proceeding onto the highway of chart casting.

In the learning process, students will be reading, writing lyric essays, crafting poetry, and creating visual art representations of the material covered.  Weeks will alternate between reading and assimilating new material and  translating this information into a visual representation.  This method melds intellectual and experiential learning practices to work with the vocabulary, integrating it into your reality.  It also provides the reflective space to creatively explore aspects of your own astrological makeup.

Participation is required for all 8 sessions to honor the group container and to honor your own learning process.  Each student is expected to complete the creative/reflective homework before each class meeting; all work will be peer reviewed and discussed in each class meeting, and written feedback from the instructor will follow.  At the workshop’s end, each student will conduct a brief presentation that interprets one active house of his or her birth chart, applying the skills used in class.

required textbook:

The Only Way to Learn Astrology, Volume 1, Second Edition 2nd Edition, by Marion D. March and Joan McEvers

Available here:



Course Syllabus:

week one:  Introduction to the Course and Participants.

Week Two:  Signs of the Zodiac I:  reading discussion and personal essay

Week Three:  Signs of the Zodiac II: creative integration assignment

Week Four:  Planets of our Solar System I: reading discussion and personal essay

Week Five:  Planets of our Solar System:  creative integration assignment

Week Six:  Houses of the Zodiac Chart:  reading discussion and personal essay

Week Seven:  Houses of the Zodiac Chart:  creative integration assignment

Week Eight:  Individual Presentations and Synthesis


For students who complete level one, advances courses are forthcoming.

Details:  The class will meet on Saturday mornings at Heart Path, 10 – 12. Dates are:  June 17, 24, July 1 (might move due to forthcoming holiday) July 9 ( a Sunday shift), July 15, 22, 29, August 5.  August 12th is a backup if the class chooses not to meet on the 1st.

Questions?  Registration?

Contact:  Caroline Young, missoliney@gmail.com.  404-667-9571.

Caroline Young is a poet, painter, writing instructor, and astrologer.  For more on Caroline, visit treehouseastrology.com.




Some like it hot. Aries Venus Direct.


Congratulations!  You are so becoming.
Tomorrow is officially the day that Venus returns full force into the sign of identity, a new day, and new desires.  If things continue to feel emotionally like a great big do-over from February 1st, now is the opportunity to actually roll the hill to the top and to make something you really want for yourself stick.  Perhaps it was the wrong hill, maybe the wrong rock.  You’ve had time to assess the mechanics, the terrain.  Here comes clarity.
Be prepared to roll that rock until late May, when you should finally feel a sense of accomplishment.  Venus is ready for you to make your magic wish again, this time with emotional clarity.
Mercury is forming a retrograde conjunction to Uranus, planet of “what-the-h!?”  on this day as well.  Brainstorm.  Let the mind catch up over the next few weeks and watch things fall into place, both mentally and emotionally, over the next month.  Uranus conjunct Mercury is an open window, access to the higher mind, a sweetly disruptive gale.
Cheers to the Aries spring-clean,

Believe harmony is.

Full moon in Libra April 11, 2017 @ 2:08 am at 21.33 degrees.


“Libra 22: A child giving birds a drink at the fountain”

Under this chewy, stewy cosmic climate, so much is going on and not a lot of it is harmonious.  Venus is meeting Chiron in the sign of the sub-conscious, Mercury is retrograding back into sign-of-me Aries, Saturn is retrograde through justice-seeking Sagittarius, Mars is pushing boundaries in Taurus, and Uranus/Eris is still hot in union in Aries, loosely squaring destructive Pluto in systems-oriented Capricorn.  The influence of the Pluto/Eris/Uranus square is still in evidence if you read the news or even enjoy a social media squabble from minute-to-minute.  There is a lot of masculine posturing going on, and this is most apparent on the global stage:  US/North Korea/China/Russia/ etc.   Pressure is up, and this full moon’s energy is attempting to bring a little selfless generosity to the table.  The lower register of this energy is a lot of “talk” that is not harmonious and productive.  During this energy, it is important to remember that Libra is the sign of diplomacy, and the Libra moon is absorbing all of the antagonism between the signs of Capricorn and Aries, and suggesting that a little honey-before-vinegar energy will be more powerful than threats and blame-gaming for our collective consciousness right now.

Who do you not get along with?  What perceived blockage is holding you back from what you need?  Who or what won’t see you as you long to be seen?  Are you seeing them as you would like to be seen?  How are you addressing this imbalance?  This lunation encourages us to see any hindrance or enemy as a blessing that needs water.  Can you assume your obstacle is your ally and feed it openly during this transit, rather than throwing tinder onto a fire?  Sit with any blockage as a good friend, someone who wants to see you triumph, offer it the floor.  What does it need to say?  Or perhaps can you see it as a part of your own being needing a bit more compassion?  Libra energy is asking you to harmonize:  head and heart, soul and body, life receptor and life source.

Swim as one with your own planetary body, and make any adjustments internally that rise to your awareness in this time.  As your spaceship finds attunement, spaceship Earth can find greater attunement as well.

Taming our Basic Instincts

Full moon in Virgo March 12, 2017 @ 10:54 am at 22.13 degrees.2051940_1c6cf08d98

“Virgo 23: A Lion Tamer rushes fearlessly into the circus arena”

This is an interesting extension to last month’s full moon in Leo; whereas last month’s moon fell at the degree of the bareback rider, we return to the circus this month, now casting a spotlight on the lion tamer.  What does this mean?  Whereas last month we were all energetically encouraged to stick our neck out while controlling our instincts, this month, we are being called on instinct control while we focus on faith amidst a circus-like environment.  Both final winter moons call on self-control and self-mastery.  The distinction is that the Virgo moon calls for precision and forethought amidst the nebulous waters of a Piscean sun.


The extraordinary buildup of planets in Pisces:  the sun, Neptune, Chiron, the asteroid Pallas, and Mercury make waking life far more fantastical than our dream world.  It is likely under a Virgo moon that life’s details will get hammered out in sleep rather than in waking time.  We are called to navigate these cosmic, healing days with control and care that we see reality for what it truly is, our projected fears and dreams.


The sun raises our conscious awareness, Pallas is the asteroid that develops our ability to see the patterns of our lives, offering wisdom in that knowledge, and Chiron is the wound-bearer.  This is a big week to meditate on breaking bad habits, for seeing the patterns of our lives in greater clarity;  it is also a time for learning from our mistakes in order to evolve.  If you can see repeated themes in your life that are inhibiting your soul development, now is the time to respond differently to old triggers.  Because change is on the horizon, let it begin with your own evolution.

Reality Check, Please

Full moon Penumbral Eclipse in Leo February 12, 2017 @ 6:34 am at 22.27 degrees.


“Leo 23: A Bareback Rider of the Circus Displays Their Dangerous Skill”

Tonight’s imperfect alignment of the earth, the sun in Aquarius, and the moon in Leo force a reconciliation of the way we navigate these energies in our lives – like a tightrope walk.  Earth is crossing the polarized path of ego expression and gratification vs humanitarian ideals and brotherhood tonight, as we struggle to reconcile the energies unleashed under the Aquarian new moon of January 27th at the degree of “A flag is seen turning into an eagle.”  The last two weeks have brought ideology center stage in American politics; Trump’s unbridled ambition to force his American vision has wrought ideological crises to almost everyone living on this planet.  Curiously enough, his likely downfall will be his own ego:  his obsessive need for attention and credit will be the unraveling of his case with the Supreme Court.  Trump had to let everyone know why he was doing what he did – ‘to cater to Christians, to fulfill his promise of a Muslim ban.’  He is now being called to account for his own words, to learn that what you say and what you do are all part of the same thing, and he will be learning this lesson all year, until he either learns it, gets thrown out of office, or worse.  He is an active and un-ignorable metaphor of this crisis we are all experiencing, to varying degrees, in our own lives.  Where does our sense of higher order get undercut by self-interest?  Where do we have to grow up in our chart?  Where do we have to accept greater risk?  During these Leo eclipses, we are having to learn how to mature into adult creators.  It is a time of risk, yes.  But it is a time of ethical risk that requires total acceptance of its consequences.

Leo loves fantasy and drama.  Aquarius favors truth and logic.  During this eclipse, we are all sorting theatre from reality, truth from headline, and we are coming to terms, collectively, with the danger of unchecked ego-stroking and over-zealous ideology.   People are being forced to recognize that individual desires can unleash realities that are way more disruptive than they bargained for.  There is also a growing recognition that no matter how the energy falls out for our futures, we all must abandon any false dreams that change is going to come without realistic sacrifice.  Otherwise, we are doomed to fight over each like cannibals.

Fortunately for all of us, some stability is on offer under this full moon in the unusual bond of two planets inherently disagreeable:  Saturn and Uranus are in a trine pattern, sending conservative and progressive thinking, in equal measure, to the pattern of our individual and collective lives.  Saturn in Sagittarius wants conservative, reasonable responses from us about our higher consciousness.  What have we learned from the past?  Sagittarius is the sign of ideology, and Saturn will call anyone out who is playing fast and loose with it at this time.  Uranus wants evolution of identity, here; Uranus is seeking advancement of the highest mental vibration.  If Aries is the sign of the warrior, Uranus in Aries is the sign of the humanitarian warrior.  The drums of change are growing stronger, and this time we enter is one of action, restructuring, and renewal.  Childish attitudes must be put aside; the purest form of adulthood is on order.

The beautiful news is that we are entering the magic of eclipse season.  Come February 26th, we experience the Piscean solar eclipse at the sign of Pisces 9:  The Race Begins:  Intent on Outdistancing his Rivals, a Jockey Spurs his Horse to Great Speed.  Despite the frenetic depiction, this is the sign of courage, foresight, and endurance.  We will all be fueled with determination and competitiveness, but victory is embedded in planning and commitment; this is not going to be a dash.  Whatever change you are stirred to create requires patience as much as zeal.

This February lunation is a good time to acknowledge our egos, to recognize what roles we may be acting out, to demand the curtain calls or else get thrown off stage, and to pray for higher truth and self-awareness to guide us into the next act.

Fire Rooster

As we enter this new lunar year today, Mars enters Aries, igniting fires in all of our identity “cabinets.”  Where do you have Aries in your chart?  That house will be lit up this spring.  While we each navigate inner adjustment, we must accept the truth that America is in its own identity crisis at the moment, entering a stage of development that brings breakage and release, a burning away of falsehoods in service to cleaner and clearer relationship with truth.  The stakes are high and Mars-Aries is ready to fight for a new way.  What will a post-empire America look like?  What will your life look three, five years from now?  Three to five months from now?  Time to get straight with ourselves.  No more sideshow distraction.

*Hours after writing those words, Donald Trump unleashed his newest attack on democracy. He is a wildfire.  I should note,  we all are; as of Sunday the 28th, the planet of attraction is also entering the shadow of this spring Venus retrograde.  With Mars in Aries and Venus entering its four month transit through the sign of Aries next week, Donald Trump is declaring war on the world.  And it begins with a war on and in America.  Make plans for a messy four months.

Over the last year, I made a point of not studying the politician’s charts, and only now can I engage with Donald Trump’s birth chart and transits in any detail.  His chart is wildly troublesome, for him, and in relation to the chart of America.   We are all students and teachers here as he navigates painful opportunities for personal growth in a disturbingly self-unaware way.  If you want to know what it looks like when your chart is offering you lessons, and you refuse to humble yourself to them, here you go.  Fighting growth creates chaos.   Remember, astrology reveals life patterns as invitation for response- in this present moment.  We always have the choice to hit “repeat” and react to those patterns with self-destructive habits rather than humbling ourselves to a higher path of responding.  Trump’s infatuation with the past demonstrates how static toxicity devours our spirits and bodies.  As we respond to him, we must remember the higher way, and not react but respond from a position of love and faith in our own higher purpose.  If we have been divided, here may be the devil who draws us together.

I link to this  beautiful blog by astrologer, Jessica Murray, who details Trump’s aspects, America’s nervous breakdown, and our “collective identity in active decay.”  It is an eloquent meditation for us all.