The Limits of Astrological Thinking

I am responding to this short article not to bicker with popular astrology, but because it feels important to clarify astrology’s potential and limits from my perspective as a teacher.  Much of what this writer addresses has been a concern of mine for a while.   With the chaos moving through the world, people are looking for anchor points.  And that is understandable in a culture out of balance.  But, anchor points can be cheap.  And anyone looking to use astrology for control is going to be disappointed.

I don’t think the article is particularly well-written or complete, but I relate to its energy, and the frustration the writer is feeling, weathering a moment of instant-answers that can often turn into more separation of individuals rather than unification.
I will always defend astrology as the powerful elevation practice that has given me greater patience and humility as a human being than any other sustained pursuit, one that has helped me shift in search of my higher purpose as I move through and beyond this life.  The turn has taken over 20 years and it is still a process unfolding.  There is nothing I could have done to speed this up.  There was no missed opportunity.  Our lives unfold.  Astrology gives us perspective on the choices facing us in each moment.  There is no mastery button on the zodiac wheel.   And I am intimately acquainted with a human desire for one.

So, from my perspective, astrology is not finding answers or projecting clarifying demarcations about people but asking good questions and maintaining curiosity about ourselves.  It will not speed up evolution at any abnormal rate, and anyone who says otherwise is selling sea salt to seals.   That just sets up disappoint and backlash.  And I imagine the backlash is coming.  But the cheerful contact high of a good weekly horoscope has its allure.  No arguing that point.  It is the gateway that brought me to this place.

Finally, I firmly believe that astrology shouldn’t be used as a self-justification tool.  Sometimes the phrase self-acceptance is a euphemism for self-justification.  Astrology is not about self acceptance, but self-identification, interrogation, self elevation, and evolution.  I want to reiterate the need for patience in this work.  Deep identification of self is a step that astrology brings, elevation of self takes a lifetime of hard won mistakes, mistaking better, and, with continued humility, working toward soul evolution with the long view of universal growth, not control over our immediate incarnation.  That will only end in self-blame for falling short of “the secret” and all its glorious promise.
Sorry for the disclaimer/does this sound like a rant?, but I have been feeling the feelings crawl up the back of my neck for a year or two now, and this article put some words into thoughts I’ve been having about this weird moment astrology is having again.  I do want to make my approach clear.
Cheers to doing the soul work.  It gets me into and out of bed each day,

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